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Your last fear is your worst fear. It lives in the deepest part of your mind.

we train soldiers, not rebels.

A Stiff the first to jump? Unheard of.

Four? Four fears?


everyone needs to shut up about saying that tops naked scenes being posted online is disrespectful and saying “go see the movie and support him!” Well news flash half of his fans won’t be able to see it and will have to watch it online so they’ll just stream it illegally…


T.O.P, GD and the snake! 

GD’s face………. 


"I'm here for you, okay?" ... "Okay."

inspired by anon’s requestmore phan doodles here


Favourite Belldom gifs (;


[Fanart] “Sweet Dreams Tabi~!” by Rory #TOP #choiseunghyun #BIGBANG #FANART #최승현 #탑 #빅뱅


[Fanart] “Sweet Dreams Tabi~!” by Rory #TOP #choiseunghyun #BIGBANG #FANART #최승현 #탑 #빅뱅

Listen up:


If you don’t vaccinate you are an asshole. 

There are children who are born with only half an immune system, and they can not get vaccines. By having the normal population vaccinate, we are protecting them. 

Don’t be a selfish asshole. Get vaccinated. 


this is the best thing ever